Services We Provide


Bringing IT infrastructure with business goals

Driven by industry and technology advances, Development, Implementation, Architecture, and Testing methods are constantly changing. As businesses become more complex, so do underlying applications and their development activities. Technology teams are challenged to provide all of the necessary skills to implement, integrate, and manage these complex systems.

Varnas Application Development and Integration Services provide full life cycle support of custom development and integrated solution for your projects. Our teams bring a number of disciplines to bear on complex computing problems, and solve them within the client’s existing or emerging Enterprise Architecture.

We bring digital solutions to life with new approaches in design and lean thinking coupled with efficient management strategies, implementation approaches, and methodologies, all delivered by a modern, multi-disciplinary team. LiquidHub’s fully integrated process brings solutions from concept to reality, assuring client and customer.

Managed Services

  • Custom coding, continuous integration, test driven development, and associated techniques
  • System Integration / Consolidation (including legacy integration and service enablement)
  • Re-Engineering, performance tuning, and porting
  • Packaged software deployment
  • Mobiles Utilities Development
  • Legacy Integration
  • testing
  • deployment

Project Management

  • Business Analysis
  • Detailed Business and Technical Requirements Development
  • Methodology adoption
  • Proof-of-Concept

Managed Services

  • Multiple flexible Global outsourced engagement frameworks
  • Scalable, secure, process oriented, and customized to your specific business and operational needs
  • On-shore and off-shore delivery models


Varnas consultancy Team is responsible for operating the Strategy Studio and developing solutions. He advises our clients on emerging technologies, customer experience, and technology and business strategies.